Portrait Illustrations

What can be the best personal gift if you don’t know what to present?

Just give his or her digital portrait.

All you need is 1 good photo. And our artists will create a digital portrait in any style. This image can be printed on a paper, t-shirt, poster, calendar, greeting cards and so on.

What can be an occasion for portrait?

  • Birthday
  • Holidays
  • Any dates and anniversaries
  • Achievments (getting any results, graduation)
  • Your portrait for blog or Facebook page

We can make portraits of:

  • you
  • your wife or husband, children, parents, brother or sister, all your family
  • your friends or colleagues
  • business partners, best clients

How to order a portrait?

Select an artist and art style

If you like some definite artist, send the message by click on “Hire the illustrator”. If you want us to suggest some artists, send a request here

Upload your Photo

You may upload up to 3 photos and add any instructions. The artist will notify you if your photo is not high enough quality for reference.

Payment and Commissions

We use PayPal as our secure payment gateway. You get a Paypal invoice for the 50% deposit and I we’ll start work as soon as receive payment.

At some stages of work you can receive a low res proof to review and approve. You can use this opportunity to give the artist feedback and request any changes. You will get three free revisions/adjustments before finalizing, any more may cost extra..

Download High Res image and Raw files

When you are happy with the work, we’ll send you an invoice for the remaining payment. Once received, you’ll get by email all work at full size and full quality, in any format you require.


  1. Digital paintings only!
  2. Upon purchase, send me reference photos of the subject via email. Large, clear photos with good lighting are important. The better the details, the more accurate I can draw them.
  3. All paintings are meant for the personal use only (not commercial). You are allowed to print the paintings, print it on shirts, pillow cases, mugs etc - as long as it's for your own personal use (or a gift purposes).
  4. Commission is usually done in a 3-10 days time period
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